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Do you love music and would you like to discover and develop your own musicality?
Would you like to bring more music into your life?
Would you like to learn what a harmonious life in harmony with yourself can look like?

Then this retreat is the right place for you !

“This Music Liberation retreat offers a unique opportunity to transform your relationship with music and experience deep healing on all levels. Experience the deep connection of music, 

consciousness and universal love and learn how to live a musical life in harmony.

We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring, empowering and liberating retreat.”

With love,

Your hosts

Marlia and Esh

An overview of this retreat: 

Music Liberation Retreat is a musical program dedicated to liberation and healing through music. It provides a unique platform for people to explore their musicality, overcome negative experiences and dive deep into the healing power of music. The retreat is led by Esh Loh and Marlia Coeur with the aim of conveying a holistic understanding of music and its effect on the body, mind and soul.

This retreat is for you if you want to…


  • Free your voice and sing from your soul

  • Learn the secrets of instant musical composition

  • Get the most out of your instruments 

  • Have fun creating music with others, unleash your creativity

  • Take your musical performance to the next level


All levels are welcome! Beginner & intermediate vocalists & musicians, therapists, space holders, ceremonialists, yoga teachers, and sound healers of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in music as a tool for personal development and healing.


Retreat Content:

  • Discover your unique musical voice and expression.

  • Experience the joy that comes from making music together.

  • Every day we dive deep into singing, the workings of the voice, developing your musical intelligence and the Art of Listening.

  • Experience the transformative power of sound and frequencies on the body and mind.

  • Conscious musical & Rhythmic training to connect the inner world with the outer world.

  • Learn from the music how to live a harmonious life with yourself and the world you live in.

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The goals of this retreat are:

  • Creating a safe space for personal growth and self-development through music

  • Promoting a positive and liberating approach to your own musicality

  • Integrating spiritual, energetic and scientific perspectives on music and healing

  • Exchanging of experiences, knowledge and best practices in the field of musical therapy and self-healing

  • Tapping into the Power of your own voice


The retreat is open for both men and women. Limited spots to 14 people.

Date and location: 20-24 April 2024, SouthWest Bali by the beach - Pondok Pitaya

Have a look at this great Location here.

Sharing the room with 1 more person (private room with extra charge)

All meals included.


Earlybird price by March 13th only $899

Regular price $999 in a shared double room after March 13th

Single room 1199€

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Daily Program:


8:00 Silent Meditation

8:30 Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

9:00-9:30 Yoga of Voice

9:30-11:00 Musical practices

11:30 Brunch & Silence

15:00-18:00 Musical practices

18:30-19:30 Dinner

20:00-22:00 Sanga Music Evenings


Music Ceremonies:

Dive deep into musical journeys and use the power of music to immerse yourself in deep states of relaxation and find inner harmony. Enjoy a beautiful blue lotus ceremony with sacred prayers and ancient songs.

Evenings schedule:


Saturday: Sound bath ceremony

Sunday: Music liberation 

Monday: Blue Lotus music ceremony 

Tuesday: Full Moon music ceremony 

Imagine being held in a sacred land, breathing in the fresh island air, attuning to Spirit and to Nature and getting to experience:


🏯 4-nights accommodation by the ocean

🎙Vocal Liberation Sessions

🥁 Live musical Immersions & Channelings

💠 Musical wisdom teachings

🦋 Blue Lotus ceremony

🌕 Full moon music ceremony

❇️ Meditation & dynamic yoga practise 

🍇 Nourishing catered meals

💙 Sacred sharing circles

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What people say about our retreats:

“Marlia shared deep knowledge with real beauty and humbleness, I feel super inspired by her careful and calm approach! I came away feeling re-connected to me and to a source of wisdom that ripples through space.”


“I had such an amazing, activating experience with Marlia. She is so gifted & creates a safe, sacred field to journey into free expression, freedom & play. She brings in awareness & context to tools to really assist the breath, opening of the way & a full permission to step into the highest expression available.”

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 Marlia Coeur is a widely recognized Singer, Guitar Virtuoso and Handpan player. She has traveled the world and shares her mesmerizing music in high-vibrational events, workshops, ceremonies & retreats. Since 1996 when she first immersed into her musicality, she has taken her craft to the farthest corners of the globe. Marlia offers a truly unique experience within her voice and harmonious sound.

Esh Loh is pianist, drummer and composer. With more than 30 years of musical dedication and spiritual practice he loves to share the wisdom of music through ecstatic concerts and sound baths. His mission is to guide people towards conscious & harmonious living, through the universal language of music.

"Music Liberation Retreat was an incredible journey of self-discovery for me. Under Esh Loh and Marlia Coeur's guidance, I felt my voice truly liberated and learned secrets of musical composition I never imagined. Surrounded by supportive peers, I tapped into my creativity in ways I never thought possible, leaving me feeling deeply inspired and connected."

"My experience at Music Liberation Retreat was nothing short of magical. I felt my musical abilities soar to new heights. From learning to improvise effortlessly to connecting with fellow participants on a profound level, this retreat ignited a spark within me that continues to shine bright."

"Attending Music Liberation Retreat was a transformative experience for me.  I felt encouraged to explore my musicality without inhibition. Each day brought new revelations and a deeper understanding of the healing power of sound, leaving me feeling empowered and inspired to continue my musical journey."

"I can't express enough how much Music Liberation Retreat meant to me. I discovered layers of musical expression I never knew existed within myself. Surrounded by a supportive community of fellow musicians, I felt a sense of belonging and inspiration that will stay with me long after the retreat ended."

"My time at Music Liberation Retreat was truly life-changing. Thanks to Esh Loh and Marlia Coeur's expertise, I experienced a profound shift in my relationship with music. From freeing my voice to delving into the art of improvisation, every moment was filled with growth, connection, and a deep sense of fulfillment."

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