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Healing Piano

"When music touches us, we are reminded that we ourselves, in our essence,

are as pure vibration as the music." (Esh Loh)


Are you not feeling well? Are you exhausted, or seriously ill?
Are you suffering from physical discomfort, mental confusion, or emotional malaise?
Healing Piano is a holistic concept that consciously uses music to positively support the healing and detachment process.

Take your healing process into your own hands and experience the harmonizing effect of music played individually for you. There is nothing more harmonious than music and through music you can directly experience what it is like to be in harmony.

I invite you to use the wisdom of music and align your life with musical principles. Become the composer of your life and decide to go into resonance with life.If you are in the final stage of your life and no healing is possible, music can help you prepare for your last and most important journey. Allow yourself to let go of this life in love, gratitude and surrender, and allow yourself to walk fully aware into freedom. Music is a manifestation of love and can accompany you on the path of awareness and release.

A Healing Piano Session can take place in my studio in Berlin or online via Zoom.
Arrange a non-binding 15 min. Zoom call with me, in which we can clarify all your questions and discuss the further procedure.

Sincerely yours Esh

Healing Piano is a very gentle and holistic method to bring congested energies into flow in order to restore the harmony of body-mind-spirit.
With a clear intention and applied as a regular conscious spiritual practice, conscious listening to Healing Piano music can support the body's self-healing powers to become healthy again.

Consciously listening to music reduces anxiety, pain and stress.
Engaging in music can help you lighten your mood, rediscover the love of life, and is a true benefit to the entire body-mind-spirit complex.

Scientific research has shown that music leads to a reduction in anxiety, blood pressure and harmonization of the heart rate. In addition, it can alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression, improve concentration and memory, and help us fall asleep.

Some of the most important aspects are:

Emotional impact:
Music can bring you into resonance with deep and unconscious feelings and emotions. This can evoke strong emotional reactions, from joy and happiness to sadness and melancholy. Even if this experience is not pleasant at first, it is very helpful to let all emotions flow.
Many symptoms such as back pain, headaches or migraines stem from suppressed emotions that are not felt.

Anxiety & Pain Relief:
Music helps reduce anxiety through its well-structured vibrations and can also help relieve chronic pain.

Therapeutic Effects:
Music has a stress-reducing effect and helps with mental illness, sleep disorders and has a harmonizing effect on the entire nervous system. Music can also help with physical ailments to positively support the body's self-healing process.

Preparation for dying:
The Healing Piano method can also be used as preparation for death. The goal is to go through the dying process fully aware and self-determined and to proactively prepare for the detachment from this body. I am convinced that one of the most important goals of life is to prepare for death. To then be able to consciously leave in perfect love and gratitude for the human experience.

The musical experience also has the power to expand our consciousness to experience the all-encompassing love of creation.
This experience of being AllOne, when we experience it, is a grace.
This grace is one of the most beautiful gifts of life.
You realize how everything is connected to everything else and experience the true meaning of your life.

In summary, music has been an important part of life for people at all times and in all rituals. Now you are invited to consciously use this positive power for your recovery or as a preparation for the last journey. 

Please note: HEALING PIANO music works on a subtle basis and does not replace the medical guidance of a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychologist. Consciously listening to Healing Piano music supports conventional medical therapies and prescribed medications may not be discontinued. I do not make diagnoses and the exercises and practical changes I suggest in your daily life are meant to support the healing process. Music is the manifestation of all-encompassing love and is always there for you when you are ready.


»Esh has the ability to touch people and direct their focus to their own potential.
To see, feel and experience what is possible.Thank you for supporting me to heal,

mature and grow in this way.«
(Michael Dumount)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process for a Healing Piano session?
We schedule a personal appointment via Zoom/phone or live in my studio. A session lasts between 90 -120 minutes and is divided into 3 sections.

1st Conversation: First we will talk about your symptoms and general situation for 20-30 minutes.

2. musical transmission: After that I will play live and appropriate for you and your symptoms a musical transmission and record it at the same time.

This usually lasts between 30 - 45 minutes and you will receive this recording afterwards for your daily music practice.

3. debriefing:
After this experience, we will still discuss the further procedure and the tasks and exercises that I will give you.What is important is your own initiative and daily practice with the music. Only if you are proactive about your recovery will you get positive results. Music is not like a medicine that you take once and all symptoms disappear.

Many diseases and symptoms are mostly caused on the mental/spiritual level. Your soul "talks" to you through your body and makes it clear to you that you are not in harmony. The music created for you will help you to go within and possibly bring you into contact with your life issues. As with any real healing, the symptoms may become stronger at first, especially if you refuse to accept your issue.

When and how often can I listen to the music?

The general recommendation is to take 30 min once or twice a day and consciously listen to the music while lying down with a clear intention. This is a conscious exercise and you need 100% of your attention to pay attention to all aspects of harmonization. This music has been created primarily for therapeutic purposes and should not be listened to unconsciously in the background. So do not listen while cooking, working or driving.

What side effects can occur?

As a rule, there are no negative side effects. Most of the time, your overall well-being improves with each session you practice with the music. Participants report complete relaxation, an intense feeling experience, goose bumps and occasional crying.
All of these reactions are very beneficial, releasing and show the effect of the music. After a few weeks of daily use, you may find that you no longer like listening to the music. Then it may be helpful to book another Healing Piano session to adjust to the new situation and receive a new music transmission.


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