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YOGA PIANO »A musical journey to the inner Self«

Yoga Piano™ is a yin yoga practice that will lead you into tranquility and complete relaxation. The simple but effective yoga positions are held for a few minutes, allowing your body & mind to regenerate and gather new strength for everyday life.
Healing, live piano music accompanies you on your way inward, to your thoughts and feelings. Experience the perfect harmony of body, mind and soul and meet your inner self.

Feel the harmonizing effect of music and experience a state of resonance, the body with the sound of love.
That's what yoga is all about - knowing yourself in order to experience oneness.

"Music for me is the most beautiful & intense form of magic.
I invite you to experience your inner beauty through this music."

sincerely yours

The conscious and attentive listening to the music leads the listener inside, to his thoughts and feelings and can lead to more self-awareness through a mindful attitude.

Because that's what yoga is all about - recognizing yourself.

"The Yoga Piano™ Soundbath was the most spiritual experience of my life. It was as if the melodies and harmonies came not from the piano, but from myself. It was magical and just incredible." (Paula Meissner)

"The Yoga Piano™ Soundbath session has released a lot in me.
Esh`s music inspired me very much and helped me to forget time and space.

I can highly recommend Yoga Piano and advise you to give it a try!" 

(Annika Engel)

"All of a sudden, such wonderful music entered my consciousness as to affect me deeply and to engulf me at once into an incredible peace and tranquillity. I actually felt as if I were in Heaven..." (Angela Majewski)


"Precisely because Esh Loh is a master of yoga, he succeeds in the balancing act of giving just the right amount of alert calm and quiet verve that is so important to the yoga path."(Anna Troekes)


"A music to dream, let go and enjoy." (Holle Bartosch)


"The Soundbath was like an hour-long meditation. Afterwards I felt like I was cleared inside and nourished at the same time. I felt more balanced and content than I have in a long time." (Ellen Baum)

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